Jeppesen Selects Océ ColorStream 10050 Systems to Print Flight Data Products

TRUMBULL, CT—May 26, 2009—Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery, announced that Jeppesen has selected two Océ ColorStream™ 10050 full-color continuous feed systems to produce critical aviation information documents with near-offset quality and rapid speed. Jeppesen, a subsidiary of Boeing Commercial Aviation services, is the leading producer of transportation navigation information in the United States. Pilots and airlines around the world depend on Jeppesen charting and navigation services for the latest information about airports, runways and airspace.

While these mission-critical flight manuals are indispensable tools for helping pilots reach their destinations safely, producing them presents several challenges—tight production windows, increasingly short runs, exacting quality standards and variable content. Each flight manual is compiled based on specific airline or pilot requests and contains current data on hundreds of airports. The manuals, which feature comprehensive full-color approach images, visual details about runways and taxiways, and alerts highlighting recent changes or unusual conditions, are updated frequently. When changes occur at airports, FAA requirements mandate that updates be published and delivered to all pilots flying to those airports within a specified time frame.

Speed and Versatility for a Diversity of Applications

To better handle a diverse array of jobs with speed, versatility and quality, Jeppesen will replace two aging black and white printing systems with two Océ ColorStream 10050 systems. Jeppesen produces up to 14,000 different jobs a month, with an average monthly volume of 25 million Jeppesen sheets expected for the Océ ColorStream systems. Jeppesen can handle the hard deadlines and high print volumes in a single pass. Automating production tasks and removing manual intervention as much as possible increase productivity. With the speed of the new systems, Jeppesen can produce the complex manuals within the tightest production windows.

“With its speed, capacity, paper-handling flexibility and quality, the Océ ColorStream system will help us produce high-quality manuals within very short delivery windows to satisfy FAA requirements. As Jeppesen stays focused on customer satisfaction and adapting our business model to include flexible digital print, Océ helps us improve the service levels we can provide to our customers,” said Jeppesen Manager of Imaging and Printing Services, Ken Navarra.

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