Industry Exec to Bike 3,415 Miles for Big Brothers and Big Sisters

FAIRVIEW, OR—May 3, 2011—Jeff Anderson, owner of Proforma Prosource Marketing Group, is stepping out of his daily routine and climbing onto a bicycle for a trek across the country to raise awareness for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. His journey will kick-off on May 8 in Los Angeles and end on June 24 in Boston.

Anderson began cycling in 2003 when he decided to participate in the Cycle Oregon event, an annual 500-mile, week-long bike ride. The experience sparked a passion for cycling that has motivated Jeff and his wife, Stephanie, to participate in the Cycle Oregon for the past eight years. This year is Anderson’s 50th birthday and he wanted to do something different, so he decided to take his annual bike trip one step further…or more than 2,900 miles further. 

“This year, I looked at my wife and said that I wanted to do something different. It might be a combination of a mid-life crisis and the fact that we have three kids ourselves, but I wanted to take on a new challenge and ‘Ride of Kids Sake’ is a great opportunity,” said Anderson. “Now I’m getting ready to leave my family and business behind to raise money and awareness for Big Brothers and Big Sisters.”

Anderson is limited to 30 lbs. of gear which will include his riding gear, laptop and flip cam, so that he can keep in touch with his family, update his blog ( and check in on his customers.

“I’ve been working with my customers to let them know that I’ll be participating in the ride this summer. They know that for two months, my team in the office will be able to help them with their projects, and they’re excited for my journey,” said Anderson. “It took a leap a faith for me to commit to being away from my business for so long, but in the end the kids are worth it.”

Proforma Prosource Marketing Group specializes in providing marketing communications that position companies ahead of the competition, including the custom cycling jerseys that Anderson will sport during his ride. The company also provides eCommerce and multimedia solutions.

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About Proforma
With more than 30 years of experience, Proforma remains clearly focused on providing solutions to North American businesses for their graphic communications needs. A leading provider of promotional products, printing services, business documents, and eCommerce solutions, Proforma has received numerous awards and is recognized as one of the top five largest companies in our industry. Proforma serves approximately 50,000 clients through more than 700 member offices in North America. The Proforma Worldwide Support Center is located in Cleveland, OH.

Source: company release.

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