JDF To Be or Not to Be –Waldman

To thine own self be true and thou cannot be false to any other printer. A little twist on Shakespeare to remind me that if I am going to write a column, it should be as truthful as possible, particularly in the case of critical issues where all sides should be presented.

In the past, I have written much about JDF (Job Definition Format) and the enormous impact I believe it will have on our industry. Am I caught up in all the hype? My passion is evident, thus I am being true to my own self, so Shakespeare can rest easy. But have I fairly explored the issue of whether JDF is to be or not to be? Well no, because I haven’t presented all sides.

In my last column, I wrote about how Drupa was going to be a huge coming out party for JDF. But, because of prior commitments, I couldn’t make the trip. So after it was over, I eagerly communicated with many industry friends to get the lowdown. Well, I wasn’t totally wrong about the JDF hoopla at Drupa. But I have to say the response I got was mixed—with true JDF believers, like me, some doubters and some in the middle.

Chief among those who are not riding the JDF bandwagon is “His Print Industryness,” Frank Romano. I have known and respected Frank for more than 25 years, so I took it seriously when he sent me his 10 point JDF epistle. Space is limited so I can’t reprint all of his points, but I will try to summarize his views.

The foundation of my belief in the importance of JDF lies with CIM or computer-integrated manufacturing. I strongly believe that print is facing serious pressure from electronic media, which is both fast and economical. CIM will help print face this threat more effectively.

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