Japs-Olson Installs Goss Pacesetter 2200 Saddlestitcher

MINNEAPOLIS—March 23, 2009—Japs-Olson Co. has installed a new Goss Pacesetter 2200 saddlestitcher at its state-of-the-art production facility in Minneapolis. The Goss Pacesetter can stitch up to 22,000 booklets per hour and has inside/outside addressing capability.

First introduced in late 2006, the Goss Pacesetter 2200 saddlestitcher is designed to run continuously at high speeds with minimal downtime. The stitcher is the fifth one for Japs-Olson as it meets demand from a growing market for booklets.

“It took us nine months to get this new stitcher but it was well worth the wait,” said Japs-Olson CEO Mike Beddor. “We’re very impressed with the Pacesetter net throughput and signature control as well as the fast setups. It’s easy to operate and really improves our stitcher productivity on behalf of our clients.”

The Goss stitcher is equipped with eight independent, servo-driven vertical hoppers plus cover and card feeder which can be easily repositioned to accommodate most formats. In addition, a wide range of configuration and auxiliary options are available to meet various applications.

“The Pacesetter 2200 is another significant improvement we’ve made in our finishing capabilities,” said Beddor. “This premium piece of equipment increases our speed and gives us additional versatility to stitch a variety of booklet formats. With the 2200, we can run a maximum of four stitcher heads at a time.”

About Japs-Olson Co.
Japs-Olson Co., founded in 1907, has been at the forefront of the commercial printing and direct mail production industry for over 100 years. Based in Minneapolis, it is one of the 10 largest commercial printing and direct mail production firms in the country thanks to its highly skilled work force and ongoing investment in equipment and technology. Japs-Olson is a charter member of the PIM Great Printer Environmental Initiative and holds the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification. For more information, visit the web site at www.japsolson.com or call 800-548-2897.

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