James Dunn Q&A — Leading Into the Future

When Niels Winther stepped down as head of North American business operations for Heidelberg in July, a well-seasoned replacement was named in James Dunn. In his more than three decades with the German-based press manufacturing giant, Dunn has held numerous management positions, including president of the Heidelberg Americas shared services division and CFO of Heidelberg Web Systems.

James Dunn

As the company strives to get back to its core competencies after divesting its Web Offset and Digital Printing operations, Dunn talks to Printing Impressions about his new role within Heidelberg, the current state of the U.S. printing market and the future of the printing industry.

PI: Can you provide a little background about your past positions within the Heidelberg organization and how they have prepared you for your newest role as president of Heidelberg USA?

Dunn: I started in 1977 in the sales and service organization of Heidelberg West, where I also had responsibility for the graphic supplies business, which is known today as consumables. From the very beginning I understood the success issue: That you only succeed by helping your customers and that you earn the right to earn money by helping your customers earn money. In the end that helps us succeed.

This has always been my view throughout my 13 years at Heidelberg West, when I was CFO of Heidelberg Web and when I was president of Heidelberg Canada, and it will continue to be a guiding principle as president of Heidelberg USA. If you do all you can to help your customers, market share and profit will come.

PI: Since your latest appointment, you have been traveling around to visit customers and Heidelberg’s regional locations. What has been the response?

Dunn: Since my appointment in July, I have traveled to all of Heidelberg’s 11 regions in the United States to discuss my transition into president of Heidelberg USA. While I have met with a few of our customers, my main focus was to visit with our own people.

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