IWCO Direct Shuts Down Elm City

CHANHASSEN, MN—With a dramatic decline in mail volume reducing the need for the facility’s core of acquisition mail, IWCO Direct announced that it was closing its Elm City, NC, facility, leaving 380 workers without jobs. Equipment and production operations will be transferred to three IWCO Direct plants in Minnesota, which will add 250 new positions. Elm City was acquired from Cox Target Media in 2007 to add new capacity in support of IWCO Direct’s total package platform.

Jim Andersen, IWCO Direct president and CEO, notes that the company’s Minnesota-based AMP platform is expanding to support the shift to trigger-based, loyalty and retention programs. In shifting all operations to Minnesota, he says, IWCO Direct will be able to cost-effectively support 200 million mail packages each month.

“These are difficult actions we must take to aggressively and preemptively react to the industry-wide decline in volume. We will navigate these market dynamics to continue to create exceptional value for our associates, customers and business partners,” Andersen pointed out.

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