IWCO Boosts Direct Mail Production with Canon Solutions America’s Océ ColorStream 3900

CHANHASSEN, MN—July 23, 2013—IWCO Direct, a leading provider of direct marketing solutions, has expanded its industry-leading direct mail personalization capabilities with the installation of an Océ ColorStream 3900 digital inkjet printer at its Chanhassen, MN headquarters. With full-color and monochrome print capabilities and speeds of up to 56 million letter impressions per month, the investment increases IWCO Direct’s capabilities and capacity for customers utilizing highly relevant, time-sensitive direct mail campaigns.

“Highly personalized direct mail campaigns with relevant offers, delivered at the right time, are proven to increase response rates and achieve higher ROI standards,” said Jim Andersen, IWCO Direct CEO. “This new press, combined with our other digital print capabilities, gives our customers additional flexibility to execute highly customized direct mail campaigns that are powering their cross-channel marketing efforts.”

IWCO Direct is one of the early adopters of the Océ ColorStream 3900 in the United States. The press has been installed and fully tested and is now in production. The ColorStream 3900 ensures accurate data processing at full-rated speed through full support of the latest IS/3 IPDS standard and the Adobe PDF Print Engine with the latest PDF standards, including PDF/VT-1. The DigiDot inkjet technology provides highly efficient ink usage and is capable of producing a perceived image quality of 1200 dpi with multilevel dot modulation. Additional features include variable page length capabilities for efficient production of various print jobs. Print widths of up to 21.25” offer package flexibility, which is important for formats such as self-mailers. The new press also assists IWCO Direct’s Lean manufacturing and sustainability efforts through paper waste free print pause and good de-inkable print output based on FOGRA/Ingede certified recycling tests.

First to Use Premium Pigment Ink Set by Océ

IWCO Direct will be the first to use Océ’s newly developed Premium Pigment ink solution. Print quality has long been a driving force for IWCO Direct. During the evaluation of the new press, IWCO Direct executives traveled to Poing, Germany to test the quality of the new premium ink on a variety of paper stocks. After testing, IWCO Direct was satisfied it would meet customer demands for print quality. The new ink expands the color gamut by giving the printed sheet more tonality and more vibrant color saturation.

Expanding Leading Digital Print Technology Platform
IWCO Direct’s investment in the ColorStream 3900 builds on the company’s industry-leading stable of digital printing technology. In May of 2013, Mail-Gard, a division of IWCO Direct that provides business continuity and disaster recovery services, announced the installation of an Océ JetStream 2200 at its facility in Warminster, Pa. In the fall of 2011 IWCO Direct was the first company in the United States to install the Océ ColorStream 3500. Earlier in 2011, the company announced the installation of its first Xerox iGen4 to bolster full-color, variable-data digital print capacity. The company was also the first in the U.S. to install the Océ VarioStream 7650 Twin and the Océ VarioStream 8750 Twin systems.

About IWCO Direct

IWCO Direct is one of the nation’s largest providers of direct marketing solutions. Earning customers’ trust by collaborating with North American marketers for more than 40 years, the company’s full range of direct mail services includes one of the industry’s most sophisticated postal logistics strategies. IWCO Direct pioneered commingling more than 15 years ago and continues to compress time-to-market and revolutionize in-home delivery targeting with DMLogic. Guided by the “Power Your Marketing” approach, the company produces highly personalized paper-based and digital marketing programs with impactful design, disciplined execution and measurable response to inspire performance across all marketing channels. Through Mail-Gard, IWCO Direct offers business continuity and disaster recovery services that provide peace of mind in case of a business interruption. Stay current on direct marketing trends, industry news, postal regulations and more by subscribing to our SpeakingDIRECT blog.

Source: IWCO.

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