Printing Employee 
On the Mend —Cagle

Martinsen dropped in to say hello a few weeks following the accident, according to Holman, and encouraged his fellow workers by being able to wiggle several of his fingers. He will definitely be on the shelf for some time, so if you wish to make some sort of contribution to his cause, it will certainly help him.

In addition, I would like to thank those individuals who inquired about helping Jim Reilly. I will provide an update on how things are going for him when new information is available.

WAIST OF PAPER: As the aforementioned sectional header error suggests, there is a simple reason why a computer’s spell checker application is not a silver bullet for the publishing industry or any writing purpose: it doesn’t spot misused words, only incorrect spellings. Just ask the Australian arm of Penguin Books, which paid through the nose to find that out.

Not long ago, Penguin had to pulp 7,000 copies of a cookbook due to an editorial gaffe in one of its recipes. The actual recipe called for “freshly ground black pepper.” What did the printed version say? “Freshly ground black people.”


One has to wonder what would’ve been included in a similarly twisted recipe book for Watergate Salad…perhaps a pinch of Liddy or a dash of Nixon. Perhaps Cobb Salad would’ve called for some Georgia Peaches (Ty Cobb was the Georgia Peach. Sorry, I couldn’t resist a baseball reference).

Carelessness and short cuts can provide a swift kick in the pants. Or the wallet. So stay alert.

SPEAKING OF BASEBALL: Allied Printing defeated Dairy Queen 17-5 in Manchester (CT) Little League action back in April. The power of printing rules on the baseball diamond. The same day, the Lions Club defeated the Lawyers, 22-5. And who doesn’t like the idea of throwing the Lawyers to the Lions?