Bits and Pieces: Bull Market For Proforma

Linda Martinelli's prized bull, Proforma.

Brand Imaging Group provided the custom wrap for the drum kit used by the Red Hot Chili Peppers at this year's Super Bowl halftime show.

We may have to redefine the leisurely pursuits of printing business owners. Instead of horses, sailing or international big-game hunting, one Proforma franchise owner from Corona, CA, has invested in a different type of passion: bucking bulls.

Linda Martinelli, who heads Proforma Graphic Printsource, is using her bovine affinity to compete for a possible berth in the Champions Tour Finale in Las Vegas that features a $500,000 purse. Well, Martinelli will compete in the form of her prized bull, named Proforma, which first must excel in the two-year-old champions class at the Champions Tour 1 in Orchard, TX (the event took place just as this issue was going to press).

A longtime bucking bull enthusiast, Martinelli decided to become an owner in 2013, and she quickly assembled a stable of nine bulls. In the process, she has cultivated relationships within the bull riding industry that has enabled her to provide a range of promotional products, including apparel for trainers and fans, plus branded dinnerware and dining supplies for industry events.

“I’m so fortunate to own a business that allows me to be able to pursue my passions,” Martinelli said. “That is why I decided to name my newest bull Proforma. He represents the freedom I have to pursue my dreams and the things I truly enjoy in life.”

If you want to keep tabs on how Proforma the bull is faring on the competitive circuit, steer on over to for more information.

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