Ah, the Power Of Advertising –Cagle

WE GET all kinds of phone calls with strange requests. People want to know if we will publish their memoirs. Or, they want to know about how to get published. I even get two or three calls a year from people wanting to know if I can forward their medical records to their new doctor. Apparently, my number closely resembles a university healthcare record-keeping department. Some people call to complain. A few have gone so far as to call me an idiot. One woman insisted on calling me three times in one day to tell me how stupid I was. I finally got sick of the insults and told my wife not to bother me during business hours.


But, the other day was definitely a first for our esteemed publication. A reader phoned to inquire about purchasing one of the dogs shown in the Partner Printing.com ad on page 41 of the March issue. Alas, we couldn’t invoice for the adorable pooch.

“We’re not in the dog selling business,” states Dean Lurch, sales and marketing manager for Partner Printing.com. “But, I guess there’s no such thing as bad press.”

We’ll end the suspense early. The picture of the pug puppies came from a stock photo service, and aren’t from a litter owned by a Partner Printing.com employee. So, you’ll have to track down your own pug.

Still, the trio of puppy dogs—from the “3 and it’s free” gratis shipping promotion that ended in April—continue what has been a successful animal-based ad campaign for Partner Printing.com. Known for using frogs in its print ads, the trade printer has relied on animals such as horses and sheep to create hilarious themes. The horse head (“Straight from the horse’s mouth”) picture that appeared in January is a riot.

Apparently, not everyone became dewy-eyed with puppy love upon seeing the March ad in Printing Impressions. According to Lurch, the company received an e-mail complaint from an animal right’s activist who chastised the company for using pure breed dogs in the ad.

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