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Buhrs Unveils Its Newest Mailing, Fulfillment Solutions

LOHNE, GERMANY—The Buhrs Group unveiled six new developments in the field of mailroom and fulfillment solutions during a two-day open house event in March that brought more than 325 participants to its Buhrs-ITM plant here for product demonstrations and seminars.

On display at the plant were the Buhrs Intelligent Boxing System, the BB200 Envelope Inserting System, the H4 Hybrid Feeder, the Buhrs 3000 Film Wrapping System, the NeuroCheck Camera System and the System Controller.

All six systems represent the trend in the mailroom and fulfillment markets towards flexibility and modular design, reports Tony Cockerham, vice president of sales for Buhrs Americas.

“We are really seeing a lot of diversification in the market,” he says. “The commercial printing market is bringing more and more mailroom and fulfillment capabilities in-house. A perfect example is the BB200 Envelope Inserting System and the Buhrs 3000 Film Wrapping System. Both systems are extremely flexible and offer a modular design, which enables the user to upgrade the system as their requirements change. The wrapping system is one example of a piece of equipment that is targeted toward the mid-range market.”

Buhrs, which has been known for years as a high-end solutions provider in the fulfillment and mailroom market, believes that its current and future growth will be selling systems to mid-size printing, finishing and mailing house operations.

“We are seeing a tremendous change in the market,” Cockerham adds. “The mid-range market is a real growth area for us. We are committed to taking the technology that we’ve developed on the high end and moving it downstream.”

On display at the Lohne open house were:

The Intelligent Boxing System (IBS), which is targeted to the fulfillment market. The IBS personalizes and packs rectangular products such as books and CDs in corrugated cartons. This system is developed for high speed, high capacity, personalizing and packing of boxes that are made on the system itself. The advantages are high run capacity, automatic changeover and system setup, suitable for short production runs. The Buhrs IBS makes use of Buhrs HF4 hybrid feeders and can run completely in selective mode. The cycling speed of the system is 80 boxes per minute. It can pack CDs up to shoebox-sized products.

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