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Illustrating high-speed, three-up finishing was a configuration incorporating an Ehret reel sheeter, an MBO eight-page Perfection folding unit with high-speed guides and a Palamides BA 700 automatic banding delivery.

For direct mail applications, an MBO B21/4 buckle folder with a pile feeder was shown with the new Pick + Place tip-on machine, MikroJet ink-jet imaging for personalization and a BAS/FSA 450 stacker delivery. Double-stream map folding capabilities were illustrated with an H+H M7.58/142 6.4 folder with a Mabeg palletized feeder and an MBO SBAP-82-ME delivery.

“This high-tech equipment provides our customers with faster turnarounds, numerous imposition possibilities and the flexibility to produce a wide range of products,” notes Max. “The merger and business relationship between MBO and H+H is excellent; we are now working hand in hand.”

The merger Max refers to took place in January 2000 when MBO Binder & Co. assumed 74 percent of the shares of Herzog+Heymann, with General Manager Hans-Heiner Kirwald—a 46-year H+H veteran—maintaining 75 percent and Dirk Stuehmeier 25 percent, respectively, of the remaining 26 percent ownership.

“The merger of H+H with the MBO group has achieved great success in a very short amount of time,” says Max. “And this successful partnership has much to do with our relationship with Mr. Kirwald, plus all of the engineers who help meet the customized needs of customers.”

Mid-Atlantic Blazes Trail To Success

BLAUVELT, NY—Mid-Atlantic Graphic Communications is full of surprises. Even though the company’s 30,000-square-foot facility is just a half hour from New York City, only a fraction of its business comes from the metropolis.

What’s more, MAG, as it is known, doesn’t have a separate sales force. It relies instead on its top executives to bring in jobs, which generally are generated by word-of-mouth or are acquired when Mid-Atlantic customers move to positions in other companies. And, although Mid-Atlantic is successful, it operates fully with a staff of less than 20.

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