#Ipex: Innovations from Heidelberg Designed to Boost Efficiency, Competitiveness

HEIDELBERG, GERMANY—At this year’s IPEX trade show in the U.K. city of Birmingham from May 18 to 25, 2010, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) will be showcasing the latest developments in its product and service portfolio. The company’s stand in Hall 8 will focus on current market trends such as lean, environmentally friendly production for print shops. “Our aim is to ensure that our customers are well positioned to face future challenges, and we will work with them to develop and successfully implement new business options in a changing environment,” stated Heidelberg CEO Bernhard Schreier.

Heidelberg still offers the best price-performance ratio in the industry thanks to numerous prepress, press and postpress innovations combined with the integration of all process steps. The successful entry of Heidelberg into the large-format sector in 2008 underlines the fact that innovations and, above all, greater customer benefits are the driving forces behind investments in the industry. “For Heidelberg, IPEX is a trend barometer and also an opportunity for the printing industry in 2010,” said Schreier.

Despite initial positive signs in some parts of the world, it is still too soon to anticipate a significant turnaround in the economy in the near future. “Companies who invest in new technologies and new areas of business now, though, will be well positioned for the future,” stated Schreier. Heidelberg would be using the trade show to continue redefining parts of the market with further innovations, he said. “Our customers expect us to boost their competitiveness with the latest technologies and a comprehensive service portfolio. We will definitely meet their expectations at IPEX,” he stressed.

Heidelberg provides local support for its customers with a wide range of services that pave the way for sustainable business success. “We will also optimize and expand our range of products and services,” stated Schreier. The digital printing was a market segment with excellent prospects that customers would increasingly add to their portfolios and for which Heidelberg was looking for a suitable partner, he explained. “We have the ideal service and logistics network for this, which gives us a clear competitive edge,” Heidelberg’s CEO stated. He added that the two technologies were predicted to successfully continue side by side on the future market.

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