INTERQUEST’s New York Digital Book Printing Forum Draws Strong Attendance

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA—March 27, 2012—INTERQUEST, a leading market and technology research and consulting firm serving the digital printing and publishing industry, announced a successful 2012 Digital Book Printing Forum held for the seventh year during the Publishing Business Conference and Expo in New York City on March 20. Nearly two-thirds of the 150 attendees were publishers and printers.

According to Gilles Biscos, president of INTERQUEST, “Shorter print runs, better inventory management, and the growing popularity of eBooks are changing the supply chain for printed books. Our conference sessions highlighted how companies can take advantage of these changes by incorporating digital printing in their book publishing and printing strategies. The quality of the program, the expertise of our speakers, and the interaction of the audience made for a very powerful program this year.”

Bethlam Forsa, executive vice president of Content Development and Publishing Operations at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt delivered a stimulating keynote address. She provided insight into how a major publisher views the future of educational books, including the respective roles of printed and electronic content.

“Our strategy is to meet our customers no matter where they are in that digital evolution by providing high quality, standard based, pedagogically sound curriculum that meets or exceeds their needs,” Forsa said. She added that Houghton has built enormous flexibility into the products it creates, with content available in multiple formats, in multiple modalities and for multiple devices.

“Our goal at the end of the day is to create our content with enough flexibility that we are able to push it into multiple formats,” Forsa continued. She gave examples of products and programs which can be delivered in digital, print or in both formats.

Following the keynote, Gilles Biscos, President of INTERQUEST, presented results from recent research done in the North American book market. A panel of leading book manufacturers followed. The panel included: Adam DeMaestri, President of BR Printers; Larry Bennett, President of Distribution Services at Bookmasters; Nick Lewis, President of Publishers’ Graphics; and Dale Williams, Vice President, Strategic Content Imaging (SCI).

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