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The Real Deal seeks to bring pricing transparency to the business of used equipment.

Looking for a used six-color Komori? Need additional bindery gear to fulfill a contract? Then logging onto may be a way to quickly solve an equipment crisis.

Launched in March of 2000, began as an online exchange and auction site dedicated to selling industrial equipment. In just under a year, it has become the largest seller of secondary assets in the used industrial equipment space with 200,000 line items, which is comprised of about $14billion in assets, according to the site’s co-founder Norm Bastin.

With its success in the industrial equipment space, is now expanding into 14 other vertical markets, including the printing industry.

Bastin recently shared with Printing Impressions OnlineAssetExchange’s mission, how the Website sees its role within the industry and the value proposition it believes it can bring to the table.

PI: What value does OnlineAsset-Exchange believe it can bring to the printing industry?

Bastin: In the past, there has never been a viable market to move assets that have come off-line. So what happens is that you have thousands of brokers and used equipment dealers that buy a company’s assets at 20 cents on the dollar, and then sell it at 80 cents on the dollar.

The result: They are adding no value to the transaction other than their fee. They make their money by not having pricing transparency.

If you are looking for a used, six-color Komori, then you may call your local dealer. He may have one or two presses available. He’ll set the pricing for you, but you don’t have any place to look up and see 40 such Komori presses along with their pricing. We enable you to do just that.

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