Internet Service Providers–Expanding Your Reach

Dotcom companies enable printers to find new employees and attract more customers via the Internet.


With just a click of the mouse, Miami Valley Publishing’s Paul Barrett is improving his chances of finding qualified employees. And Rich Stevens of Stevens Printing is expanding his customer base. Both Barrett and Stevens are improving their businesses by taking advantage of the services two dotcoms are offering the printing industry.
In today’s tight labor market, finding seasoned employees in the graphic arts industry can be a challenge. But it’s a challenge that is helping commercial printers meet head-on.

“The industry is challenged by the lack of talented people to help it get where it’s going. We don’t create more employees, but we do enable companies to expand their reach and find qualified employees,” remarks Tony Gilmore, chief architect for HireSkills is an electronic job board designed specifically for the graphic arts industry. HireSkills was launched last February in response to an industry need for better tools to help locate prospective employees.

“Our sister company is Sprout/Standish Inc., an executive recruiting company in the graphic arts industry. In the course of our conversations, we hear over and over again: ‘We don’t need a director of sales or some other high-level person, but we sure do need press operators, prepress people and bindery workers,’ ” reveals Gilmore.

But the traditional methods used to recruit high-level executives did not lend itself to hiring lower-level employees. “We looked around to see what other Websites were out there and most of them were part and parcel of larger recruitment organizations. There wasn’t an electronic jobs board to connect candidates and employers,” he states.

Thus the creation of HireSkills is targeted at non-exempt hourly workers, reveals Gilmore. The site offers both employees and employers the ability to search the site’s 510 job descriptions, which are specific to the printing, packaging and publishing world.

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