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The result: Collabria, a company, headed by Hu and his brother, Alan, a former IBM executive. Collabria’s PrintCommerce model reportedly makes it easy for commercial printers to use e-commerce technology to strengthen customer relationships and streamline operations. PrintCommerce enables commercial printers to deliver a complete procurement package to print buyers—an on-line, digital catalog of corporate-standard print materials.

Through PrintCommerce, print buyers can modify, proof, procure and track all printed products, ordering in a matter of minutes and easily updating or personalizing their purchases.

Significance: For the printer, Collabria delivers its Internet brand of print procurement—PrintCommerce—on a purely subscription basis. Collabria wants to give printers a tool to strengthen relationships with the print buying community. Print bids do not happen on Collabria’s PrintCommerce network. PrintCommerce sets up individual, private channels between printer and print buyer that accelerate the process of exclusive print procurement. For Collabria, security is the key with PrintCommerce.

Impresse, a private company founded in 1997 and headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, is an Internet-based service provider with the flagship network,—a business-to-business Internet service that targets the printing, publishing and graphic arts communities, connecting Fortune 1000 companies to commercial printers.

The service automates all business interactions between print buyers and print vendors—reducing the time required in most bid-to-print processes. Print buyers can access from any Internet browser, select from a set of approved vendors, then request, receive and compare different types of estimates and quotes from commercial printers.

Significance: Features for both print buyers and commercial printers on include new project specification, reprint ordering, quote request, quote comparison and negotiation, production tracking, project management, buyer and vendor management, and report compilation and generation.

The latter is most interesting—as it results in the generation of management reports about print projects, order and print buying trends, which, when delivered via the Internet to the commercial printer, may aid in future marketing and print bidding endeavors.

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