International Litho Acquires OMNI

BROOKLYN, NY—When clients expressed interest in direct mail, International Lithographing knew just where to turn: the OMNI Companies, based here. With the recent acquisition of OMNI, International Lithographing has bought both direct mail expertise and customer satisfaction.

“It’s the largest direct marketing company in New York, and my existing customers at International Lithographing encouraged me in that direction,” reveals Arthur N. Petrou, CEO of Philadelphia-based International Lithographing and chairman of Taconic Direct Holdings, the holding company that owns both International Lithographing and OMNI.

OMNI consists of four operations: OMNI Mail, OMNI Computer Marketing, OMNI Envelope and OMNI Litho. The main OMNI facility, a 120,000-square-foot plant just minutes from downtown Manhattan, boasts the latest data processing equipment; software programs and computer personnel for database management; and computerized laser printers for sheetfed and continuous form printing. The OMNI lettershop operation houses 40 inserting machines, 12 folders, eight cutters, 10 Cheshire labeling machines, six Label-Aire machines and five Ektajets for direct addressing.

OMNI can process more than 1 million pieces of mail per day. OMNI’s envelope operations can print 500,000 envelopes daily.

The OMNI acquisition ties in with plans that Petrou made back in the summer of 1996, when he decided that he wanted to create a company capable of providing high-end, high-quality printing complemented by a wide range of fulfillment services. To finance this plan, Taconic sold off all of its existing printing companies—Century Graphics, Barbour & Barbour and Sayers.

“They didn’t fit where I wanted to go,” Petrou says.

By selling these three companies, Taconic generated enough capital to acquire both the OMNI Companies and International Lithographing, a high-quality web and sheetfed operation that joined the Taconic family in September 1997. Petrou points out that the two organizations fit perfectly.

“OMNI serves sophisticated providers by providing unique solutions for targeted, highly personalized marketing,” he explains. “International Lithographing’s customers are high-end printing buyers who are very image conscious. By combining the two, we are able to offer the customers the ability to deliver high-end, high-quality printing to a very personalized, very targeted market.”

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