Integrated Print Forum to Help Printers Increase Their New Media ROI

PITTSBURGH—May 22, 2012—Printers of the 21st century recognize that expanding service offerings to new communication media and becoming an integrated print provider for customers is the future of print. The 2012 Integrated Print Forum will provide insights on how to effectively integrate print into the marketing mix and increase printers’ ROI.

Running Oct. 29-30, 2012, at Printing Industries of America’s headquarters in Sewickley, PA, the forum will help printers take the mystery out of the transition to media integration.

Digital marketing has become one of the top priorities, as well as one of the top challenges, for printers today in light of the new digital technologies, including tablet computers, smart phones, and other mobile devices. This is why the Digital Printing Council is pleased to announce the 2012 Integrated Print Forum—an event designed to enable printers to discover how to harness the power to deliver ROI to their print business.

Why should printers attend the 2012 Integrated Print Forum?

Survive in a changing media environment—Learn how to survive the transition and use new technologies as a product offering for customers, promote your business, and become an engaged print professional.

Get a blueprint to drive your company forward—Integrate new media into your business, increase profit, and achieve ROI to take your business beyond QR codes and PURLs and into the next generation of digital marketing. Witness case studies from REAL printing companies.

Benefit from a unique event—Network with and learn from expert presenters and other printers facing the same challenges. Plus, start networking and engage with the Forum prior to the event via our social media channels to talk about challenges and solutions.

Get Engaged with the 2012 Integrated Print Forum

Print professionals will learn new techniques through a relevant and engaging “Solve the Mysteries of Print Integration” theme, which will offer a truly different type of experience. Even before the 2012 Integrated Print Forum in October, attendees are invited to start engaging in “pre-forum” events: