Instant Web Bolsters Production Flow

“We integrated all the front-end services: estimating, accounting and customer service, bringing these departments together for the first time. We improved responsiveness of estimates, which is now 24 hours or less. Accuracy is also much better,” Andersen adds.

The Instant Web Companies has also compressed its manufacturing platform between printing and envelope production, Andersen notes. “We put them under one roof because, frankly, the disciplines are so similar. That will allow improved timing on delivery and it obviously enhances quality. We’re starting to leverage our logistics management and postal expertise, which wasn’t being done in the past.”

Debora Haskel, vice president of marketing, feels the company has made strides in customer relations. A new program, Customer Spotlight, was created to foster closer relationships between clients and production personnel at IWCO.

“A supervisor can constantly tell employees that we have to hit those delivery dates. But it has a great deal more impact hearing the customer say, ‘This is what happens (in our business) if you don’t make the delivery date,’ ” Haskel says. “It helps foster a real sense of ownership and pride in what we’re doing.”

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