INSERTING EQUIPMENT — Inquiring into Inserts

Heidelberg’s Magnapak cycles at up to 30,000 papers per hour and is capable of inserting and collating. A shaftless design allows individual hoppers to be shifted in and out of production for fully automated zone changing at full production speed. The Magnapak is expandable up to 80 hoppers, can accommodate up to four deliveries, and can be configured in many unique ways to meet the requirements of each newspaper.

While automation is important, Jesse Miser, assistant marketing manager at Baldwin Kansa, reports hearing one word over and over when speaking with prospective customers—flexibility.

“Many if not all of our customers are not only printing their daily or weekly publications, but are doing job work as well,” Miser reveals. “The format of this work can change from week to week. Our customers are looking for inserting equipment that has the capability to run a broadsheet, tabloid or a quarter fold with minimal setup and changeover times.

“Along with the flexibility for quick makeready of the jackets,” Miser continues, “our customers need equipment to handle the increasing volume of creative inserts.” Miser says creative inserts would include lightweight single sheets, glossies, diecuts and ever-popular spadia wraps.

The Baldwin Kansa 760 news-paper inserter is designed for use by any size operation—from a small daily to a large metropolitan newspaper; from a four-page to a 128-page jacket; from single sheet inserts to large advertising supplements. Its modular design helps save space. It will run up to 11 inserts in a single pass. With the 760, users can pre-insert, then run the job back through if there are more inserts than stations.

Boom of Sales Ahead?
While Mike Paschell, vice president of North American sales for Ferag Americas, can’t say for sure exactly what effect the current increase in newspaper insert production will have on his sales figures, he does feel the Multisert Drum from Ferag is a good fit for this type of trend.

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