Inkjet Presses Drive New Business for Commercial Printers

The need to cost-effectively support short print runs is becoming more crucial, as printers make the shift from offset to digital. Performance, service, support, flexibility to meet customer requirements and investment protection all need to be considered in any purchase decision. It’s also important to evaluate these factors alongside how the technology supports your current and future business goals, to ensure you make the most of your environment.

Not All Inkjet Systems are Created Equal

Whereas 10 years ago there was one supplier of production digital inkjet systems, today there are many vendors offering a plethora of features and functions. When making a purchase decision, it is critical that printers determine which elements will have the greatest impact on their ability to optimize system utilization and profit. Many businesses see productivity (job to job, shift to shift) as a key differentiator as they evaluate their inkjet solution options. Among the most frequently mentioned key requirements are:

  • simple set-up,
  • low paper waste,
  • few operator tasks with negligible time required to perform those,
  • high processing performance for complex jobs with variable data, and
  • quick changes of paper types and sizes, with minimal re-calibration.

Ink management tools—such as job estimating, real-time ink usage tracking and sophisticated automated ink reduction techniques—are also key functions that impact productivity and business management.

The advances in inkjet technology have given businesses new choices to revamp, renew and restore the printing environment through more flexible and versatile offerings and applications. If you haven’t already, find some time now to take stock of the offerings in the market to see what platform best suits your business needs today—and where your organization would like to take it tomorrow.

About the Author
George Promis is the vice president of Continuous Forms Production Solutions and Technology Alliances at InfoPrint Solutions. For more information, visit

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