drupa 2012 : Inkjet and B2 Digital Trend

Landa W50 web press

KBA RotaJET 76

HP Indigo 10000

Ryobi-Miyakoshi liquid toner press

Komori Impremia IW20

Fujifilm J Press W

Water-based NanoInk is the foundation of the printing process. It is formulated with small polymer pigment particles in the 50- to 70-nanometer size range and is “ejected” onto a heated transfer blanket that evaporates the water and creates a thin ink film (500nm thick)—thinner than offset lithography. The nano-size pigments are said to be powerful absorbers of light and produce sharp dots, high image density and uniformity, abrasion resistance and a broad CMYK color gamut.

The process can print at maximum 1,200×600 dpi and in up to eight colors on any “off-the-shelf” substrate, from coated or uncoated paper stocks to plastic films, without the need for any pre-treatment or special coating. It is a digital process, so variable data printing is possible, but Landa initially is focusing on the low cost per page for digital printing of work currently done via offset.

The company said it expects to start delivering its own branded presses to customers by the end of 2013 and reported strong order taking from printers in Düsseldorf to “secure a place in line.”

Inkjet Presses

While Fujifilm and Screen did offer sheetfed inkjet technology demos at the previous drupa—the J Press 720 and Truepress JetSX, respectively—a case can be made for designating 2012 as the coming out party for sheetfed inkjet vs. 2008 being the predominately inkjet web drupa. This time around, Screen showed the now commercially available JetSX with duplex capability and launched the 13.7˝-wide Truepress Jet L350UV inkjet label printing system.

Fujifilm featured a folding carton version of its sheetfed press as a technology demonstration, but also unveiled its entry into the inkjet web arena with the J Press W (provisional name). Featuring a 21.4˝ web width and maximum print speed of 127 meters per minute, the press uses Vividia pigment or dye-based inks and is expected to be commercially available in late 2012.

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