Update on Friday’s Story: Ink Spill Cleared After Printing Employee Unintentionally Turned Creek Blue

NEW ALBANY, IN—July 22, 2014—The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has successfully cleaned an ink spill that was unintentionally spilled into a local creek, reported WDRB. An employee from Discount Labels Printing accidentally turned the water blue when he rinsed out a barrel that contained the ink which then flowed into a drain leading into the creek’s tributary.

According to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, no leaching has taken place since the cleanup, and crews will continue to monitor the situation, reported WDRB.

Mike Hall with the New Albany Mayor’s Office, said that Discount Labels Printing would most likely be responsible for paying the cleanup costs.

Click here to read the story from Friday and Click here to watch the coverage of the ink spill by WDRB

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