Ink-jet Printing: All Applications Accepted

Quik Print (OK) provides mainstream ink-jetted products, including postcards and flats, to a diverse customer base.

Ramadan’s system has some impressive bells and whistles, including XJET and XMATCH, self-contained camera lighting system for log file and read and write with date and time stamp. Other capabilities include data trafficking verifications, matching 1D/2D image patterns, data matrix, Intelligent Mail barcoding and OCR symbologies. It also offers missing and duplicate piece detection and in-line card and carrier personalization.

If personalization is the heart of ink-jet printing, then surely variable data is the brain. Be it membership or reward cards, kits and packages, fundraising mailers or other direct mail campaigns, ink-jet printing is not viewed as a poor stepchild to offset printing. Trackability and integrated media potential, in fact, make the technology more than a little sexy.

The doubting Thomases of the printing world will be able to appreciate the efforts gone through by Wilen Direct, the Deerfield Beach, FL-based affiliate of the Wilen Group. Wilen Direct decided to beta test the Kodak Prosper S10 imprinting system before inking a purchase agreement late last summer. According to Wilen Group President Darrin Wilen, the Prosper has been a true game changer.

“Getting involved with this technology has helped us stay relevant,” he says. “At 600 dpi, it’s laser quality. To some degree, the 600 dpi [resolution] creates a new marketplace. In areas where you need to have small fonts or type for legals, it’s not something that can be done at 240 dpi because of the quality—you couldn’t read it.”

One product that’s seeing heavy rotation for Wilen, so to speak, is an in-line letter pack with variable data, consisting of a full-color envelope and letter, fully duplexed at 600 dpi. The Prosper enables the company to produce 80,000-plus in-line letter packs per hour, and it’s not out of the ordinary to do 1.6 million direct mail pieces in a day.

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