Ingram Books–The Speed of Lightning

Prometheus may have introduced fire to the mortals in Greek mythology, but LaVergne, TN-based Ingram Book Co. is supplying lightning to printers and publishers. Well, Lightning Print, that is. The newest division of Ingram Books, Lightning Print utilizes on-demand technology to offer “one-at-a-time” printing services to the book industry. And there’s nothing mythical about it.

Currently in pilot production, Lightning Print (LPI) is the result of a strategic alliance among Ingram, IBM and Danka: IBM delivers the print on-demand technology, while Danka is overseeing the entire process. The concept is simple; Lightning Print stores books in a digital library, and its on-demand capabilities allow the company to print books one at a time as ordered by the retailer.

Since November, LPI—based at Ingram’s headquarters—has been setting up and testing equipment, which includes the IBM InfoColor 70 and InfoPrint 4000, Inspectron’s document verification system and Duplo’s Quadrimax perfect binder.

“During the pilot period, we’re going to be working with about 25 to 30 publishers and getting about 200 to 300 titles available to the general public,” reveals Larry Brewster, vice president and general manager, Lighting Print division.

So, how does the process work?

“The publisher can send a title as either hard copy or in digital form,” explains Brewster. “If it’s a hard copy, we scan it. At that point, the book can be printed at any time.

“The bookseller would then order a book through Ingram; Ingram would pass the order to us that night; and we’d produce [the books] the next day and deliver them to the Ingram warehouse to be shipped to the next bookseller.”

All-around Benefits
The benefits of Ingram’s new venture abound for the book industry. The electronic library and on-demand application ensure that current backlist books need not go out of print. In addition, titles previously out of print or out of stock indefinitely will be made available, resulting in an increased amount of books—and an increased amount of sales.

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