InfoTrends Forecasts Color Shift in the On-Demand Printing Market

WEYMOUTH, MA—June 25, 2012—InfoTrends has identified the top trends in the U.S. print-on-demand (POD) market in its recently published “U.S. Production Printing & Copying Market Forecast: 2011-2016” study. In this forecast, InfoTrends sees that the success of high-speed continuous-feed color inkjet devices foreshadows a clear shift in the on demand printing and publishing market.

The growth rate for color impressions in production copying and digital printing has accelerated compared to the previous forecast in 2011. In fact, the growth rate is expected to increase to 18.5 percent CAGR, up from almost 15 percent in the last forecast.

“Continuous-feed inkjet color and, to some extent, the expected new B2 devices are responsible for the expected growth,” said Ralf Schlozer of InfoTrends. “High-speed continuous-feed color inkjet devices will account for more than half of all color impressions by 2016.“

Annual Impressions: Production Copying & Digital Printing


Since there is an increased color share in this forecast, color impressions will have a more pronounced influence on the total POD volume and associated revenues. This color share is expected to grow from 23 percent in 2011 to 48 percent in 2016.

The decline rate of black-and-white impressions, however, remains almost unchanged. InfoTrends has seen that a noticeable share of black-and-white impressions are being produced on color devices, especially quantities under 10 million.

InfoTrends’ “U.S. Production Printing & Copying Market Forecast: 2011-2016” provides a placements, installed-base, print volume, equipment, service, supplies, and print revenue forecast for the U.S. production printing and copying market between 2011 and 2016. It includes dry toner, liquid toner, and inkjet printing technologies in process color, spot color, and black and white

InfoTrends has also recently published its “Western Europe Production Printing & Copying Forecast: 2011-2016.”

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