InfoTrends Examines the End-User Perspective on Reading E-Media

WEYMOUTH, MA—April 14, 2011—According to a recent study from InfoTrends, annual spending by regular readers of e-media is already substantial and is expected to grow considerably. “Reading E-Media: The End-User Perspective” captured responses of nearly 700 users of dedicated e-Reader devices—such as the Kindle, Nook, Sony readers and from users of multi-purpose devices such as iPads, laptops, notebooks, desktops and smart phones—along with a small number of book publishers.

The end-user study revealed that annual spending per user on e-Media is growing at a 4.3 percent rate for e-Reader users and a 6.9 percent rate for users of multi-purpose devices. The number of users is also growing rapidly. InfoTrends believes if the market reaches current projections, within five years a third to a half of all readers will be using electronic devices.

“This explosively growing market has attracted a raft of competitors, in addition to lifting sales of previously established products,” commented Bob Leahey, an Associate Director at InfoTrends. “This market was dramatically energized by the introduction of the Kindle, but, it’s really both hardware and respected content sources that are driving growth in e-Media. Although the total market for reading books and publications on screen is still young, it’s already populated by different technologies and by companies of various sizes. It’s clear that e-Reading is not only here to stay, but will grow rapidly.”

InfoTrends draws a number of conclusions from this report’s survey research with key recommendations for publishers and technology providers. For companies that want to publish electronically, they have an expanding base of potential customers. However, with a wide range of devices, publishers must address changing formats that are acceptable or even preferable for large groups of consumers. Technology providers need to recognize how flexible the end-user community has become in its electronic reading habits. End-users have shown that they are willing to adapt to new ways of reading, a consideration that should encourage technology providers to continue investing in the development of new products.

Results of this report highlight end-users’ observations, preferences, and plans regarding this growing marketplace and includes recommendations on:

• Effect on Hard Copy Purchases
• Device Usage
• Frequency of Usage
• Usage Location
• Type of Media Read on the Device
• Contentment with Existing Device/Plans for New Purchases
• Views on Attributes of Device
• Views on Price/Value Relationship
• Perceived Shortcomings of e-Readers
• Payment of Fees for Reading Material
• Future Purchase Plans

“Reading E-Media: The End-User Perspective” is available for immediate purchase. For more information, visit our online store or contact Robyn Wuori at (781) 616 2103 or e-mail

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