InfoPrint Solutions Launches New Brand Identity, Products #Ipex

“For the second year in a row InfoPrint Solutions is the market share leader in continuous-feed color inkjet systems installed in the United States and Western Europe. In 2009 InfoPrint Solutions held the number one position with over 30 percent market share. Since entering the market in 2007, InfoPrint Solutions has placed 35 percent of the systems installed in the United States and Western Europe. In that same time period InfoPrint Solutions and its partner, Dainippon Screen, have installed more than half of all continuous-feed color inkjet systems,” according to InfoTrends.*

“With the InfoPrint 5000 MP, a customer can easily reconfigure and re-purpose capital assets, protecting investments as needs change over time. It provides customers a new low level of power consumption and a significantly smaller footprint, with the same sustained high reliability and ease of use as all the other InfoPrint Solutions models,” said George Promis, Vice President of Production Inkjet Solutions and Technology Alliances, InfoPrint Solutions. “This is the next step in fulfilling our on-going commitment to customers to deliver technology that enables them to migrate applications to inkjet, while lowering costs and increasing revenue and profit.”

InfoPrint Solutions is also announcing a new ink measurement solution for the entire InfoPrint 5000 family. This includes tools that produce quick and accurate ink estimates at the job costing stage and show actual ink usage upon print completion. These complementary tools help customers leverage the significant economic benefit of InfoPrint 5000’s imaging techniques that dynamically select variable drop sizes for each pixel on the page, allowing optimization of document appearance vs. the amount of ink actually used. “With the InfoPrint 5000’s unique imaging technology, it’s not the ink price per liter, but the ink price per impression, that impacts your bottom line,” said Mike Herold, InfoPrint 5000 Product Manager.

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