Transactis Chooses InfoPrint Solutions as Partner in Automated Document Factory (ADF) Environment

InfoPrint Solutions offers end-to-end ADF solutions that automate and control print and mail operations with a best practices-based, modular approach designed to deliver rapid ROI. Such solutions can reduce costs by lowering postage costs, reducing complexity and risk.

By automating jobs, automatically managing reprints and centralising job tracking, an ADF environment enhances mailroom integrity and gives operators validation that each letter or statement was printed and mailed. With a single, integrated architecture, businesses can streamline their operations, lower IT requirements, reduce disruption and improve productivity.

Complementing its ADF solutions and services, InfoPrint offers customers an ADF ROI Calculator, an easy to use tool that shows the significant cost savings companies can realise by integrating a comprehensive ADF workflow. IT managers and mailroom operators can visit the InfoPrint YouTube channel for a tutorial video on how to use this ADF ROI Calculator. InfoPrint also has an ADF-specific blog site,, a one-stop shop for those looking to learn more about ADF.

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