Why On-Demand Is ‘In Demand’ for Books (Free Webinar Still Available On-Demand)

PHILADELPHIA—July 3, 2014—Since strong demand for printed books continues to exist, book publishers and printers are more interested than ever in embracing book production efficiencies that generate greater profits. In the “On-Demand Is in Demand for Books” Webinar, recently presented by Book Business and Printing Impressions, and sponsored by Canon Solutions America, registrants heard from industry leaders about critical market trends, why on-demand printing technologies are so important, as well as the business implications for digital technology.

The Webinar was moderated by Barbara Pellow, group director at InfoTrends; and panelists included Nadine Vassallo, project manager for research and Information, Book Industry Study Group (BISG); Angela Bole, executive director, Independent Book Publishers Association; and John Edwards, president and CEO of Edwards Brothers Malloy in Ann Arbor, MI.

Vassallo pointed out that the Book Industry Study Group sees the book industry continuing to do better than some other industries that suffered significant losses due to the transition to digital media. “If you can create the reading experience that engages readers, then you will fair well in this business no matter what formats you are publishing in.” She also noted that unit sales didn’t drop off between 2012 and 2013. “This indicates that the health of our industry overall is determined by a lot of different successes coming from a variety of places.”

Bole revealed that 41 percent of the Independent Book Publishers Association’s members are self-publishers and 30 percent are general trade publishers. “For our members, selling 1,000 to 2,000 books is successful. In 2013, most sold less than $10,000 in books.”

Edwards Brothers Malloy, the fifth largest book manufacturer in the United States, specializes in short- to medium-run book manufacturing, and has one of the largest digital printing operations in the industry, with 10 locations in North America and the United Kingdom. In his presentation, John Edwards provided a manufacturing perspective relative to on-demand technologies. Since adding the company’s first digital press in 1997, he noted, Edwards Brothers Malloy has experienced double-digit growth.

Edwards offered the following advice to other book manufacturers: “Consider printing fewer books more often. Look beyond unit cost and consider the cost of unsold inventory—printing digitally is often a better answer.”

Edwards Brothers Malloy ranked #47 on the Printing Impressions 400 list in 2013. To read a profile of the company that was featured in the Printing Impressions January 2014 issue, click here.

The more than 300 Webinar registrants reported positive feedback. Here are just a few of the comments:

“This was an extremely valuable Webinar for any and all publishers that are still trying to determine how to shift their business models from large print runs.”

“It was interesting to hear about the Independent Book Publishers Association and how it can help print-on-demand printers.”

“Seeing trends in the form of statistics was helpful.”

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