ImageXpres Reports Third-Quarter Revenue, Income Increases

Zankowski also comments on the company’s SmartKiosk systems, “The company’s investment of a major portion of research and development funds toward the implementation of an enterprise interactive kiosk and digital signage solution that can provide significant product differentiation for large retail chains, and independent, small retail businesses, is proving to be a sound decision. The company has successfully proven that SmartKiosk systems can drive incremental business value to locations where SmartKiosks are in place.

“Sales of both countertop and pedestal kiosk units continue to grow, and the company will soon announce a new model incorporating the Apple iPad, for added consumer convenience. As SmartKiosk market trials progress, and customized software requirements for retail customers are completed, the Company will be announcing contracts with several major retail chains, and distributors who service the hotel, entertainment and gaming industry segments.”

The company’s medical healthcare product line, including its Surg-i-Scan surgical Checklist boards, and “digital” Surg-i-Scan software app for Apple’s iPad, iPod, and iPhone devices, has seen a marked uptick in customer inquiries and actual sales during the third quarter. As stated previously, although the company’s presence in this important, growing market segment, is minimal to date, total revenues of $67,470 in third quarter of 2010 represent a modest increase from second quarter. The company is receiving strong interest from the hospital community, and the company’s products are well positioned, highly differentiated from the competition, and priced very competitively.

Zankowski states, “A major marketing and sales effort is now underway, and we are in the process of contacting thousands of hospitals, with strong references from existing medical customers. The company expects to achieve significant increases in revenues as its digital product line becomes more familiar to surgeons, nurses and other caregivers associated with patient care initiatives worldwide. We expect sales of customized versions of both the current analog and digital checklist to accelerate, and we will be announcing a major contract with a Texas-based healthcare group shortly.”