Hybrid Software Launching Five Order Lifecycle Management Products

LANGHORNE, PA—September 7, 2011—Hybrid Software, formerly known as Hybrid Integration, a leading software developer for the commercial printing, labels and packaging, and wide-format markets, announced the introduction of five major new products at the upcoming GRAPH EXPO trade show to support its Order Lifecycle Management (OLM) strategy.

OLM is a familiar concept in supply chain and retail applications, but it is a new and much-needed concept in the printing industry. Over the years, the nature of orders for printing, packaging, and prepress has changed drastically. In addition to traditional quotations and print bidding, graphic arts companies now receive orders from numerous web-to-print portals, online search engines, computerized EDI procurement systems, and many other sources.

These ordering methods are not generally compatible with the “quote-to-order” model that is provided by traditional print MIS systems. In combination with the trends toward fast turnaround times and shorter run lengths, order management has become a critical problem for printers and prepress providers in every segment of the industry. Hybrid’s products address the entire production workflow, from online ordering to delivery, and can interface with most leading MIS systems, databases, and production systems.

“Order Lifecycle Management (OLM) is the missing link to streamline the entire production process, and Hybrid’s software products perform that function by linking directly to the pre-press equipment and workflows as well as planning, accounting, administration software and databases that printers and trade shops already operate,” says Mike Rottenborn, president and CEO. “OLM provides a completely new way to integrate a company’s existing hardware, software and workflows. By treating integration as a product, printers have, for the first time, the opportunity for low cost of ownership in this area.”

Over the years, Hybrid has changed from an integrator to a custom software developer, and finally to a product-driven enterprise software company. Five new Hybrid Software products will be demonstrated at Graph Expo next week. All of Hybrid’s products operate via web browser technology and provide vendor-independent solutions for Order Lifecycle Management based on industry standards such as JDF/JMF and SQL.