HumanEyes Files 3D Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Sony

About HumanEyes
HumanEyes Technologies provides complete, end-to-end solutions for easy content creation, design and production of 3D projects, including its Capture3D, Creative3D, Producer3D, and Snapily3D software and its Snapily and SnapilyPro printing services. HumanEyes Technologies applies vast experience and knowledge in the 3D lenticular printing market to engineer software and provide services that noticeably enhance creativity and productivity without compromising efficiency or practicality. HumanEyes Technologies is driven by a strong and diversified pool of talent, with worldwide expertise in computer graphics, printing, sales, and marketing.

About Snapily
Launched in 2008, HumanEyes’ Snapily service is the only online provider offering consumers and professionals fast and affordable ways to easily create and share custom printed 3D images, animated photos, and flip effects. Snapily’s production is handled exclusively by facilities in the United States, and products can be shipped worldwide.

Source: HumanEyes.