Human Resources Firms Looking to Go Paperless Study Finds

“It seems likely that PEOs will remain hesitant in the next couple of years to move their open enrollment communication online due to the critical nature of this particular event, coupled with the concern over worksite employee access,” Crawford said.

Additionally, nearly 50 percent of respondents now use some form of social media, with 38 percent planning to expand this use in the future and 10 percent not planning to increase their social media use. Another 25 percent of PEOs don’t currently use social media but plan to in the future. Of those who are using social media, the most common tools are: LinkedIn (42 percent); Facebook (36 percent); and company-sponsored blogs (29 percent).

Besides moving away from print and expanding social media use in the near future, the survey found PEOs would like to change their worksite communications strategy to make their business more efficient and competitive this year. These changes include:

• 52 percent – Provide more streamlined communications that are more concise and easy to understand

• 20 percent – Use more personalized information and fewer generic communications

• 17 percent – More frequent communications on relevant topics such as wellness programs or planning for retirement

“Communications must be fully integrated into the PEO’s business process, as they reflect the employer brand, set the tone for the work experience and leave a lasting impression with worksite employees,” Crawford said. “As organizations continue to do more with less, it’s important for PEOs to place the same emphasis on preparing quality communications as they do on providing quality service. This includes making communications more streamlined and personalized to inform, engage and drive behaviors among worksite employees in the most cost effective and timely manner.”

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About the Study
Aon Consulting’s 2010 PEO Survey is based on responses from 69 Professional Employer Organizations across the United States. Survey results show trends in PEO communications and will assist organizations in their communications strategies. Aon Consulting advises the PEO industry with the development, printing and distribution of communications to educate and drive behaviors on topics such as health care and wellness, open enrollment, and 401k statements. Visit the Benefacts website for more information:

  • http://KristianSvindland Kristian Svindland

    Having worked in the PEO and employee leasing space for more than 6 years now, I have seen a lot more PEO’s move in this direction.

    There is a tremendous amount of ROI that can be gained within 18 – 24 months for a PEO.