HubCast Launches HP-Sponsored Free Trial Program for Enterprises

WAKEFIELD, MA—Sept. 27, 2010—HubCast, the leader in cloud print services, is excited to announce a new HP-sponsored cloud print trial program for a limited time. The trial offers North American enterprises the opportunity to try HubCast’s Cloud Print Service by ordering “10 sell sheets or 10 four-page brochures printed on premium glossy stock and shipped to anywhere in our coverage area, within five days, for FREE.”

As more enterprises today require consistent, premium quality sales and marketing materials, HubCast’s Cloud Print Service allows users to upload and print documents anywhere around the globe. The easy-to-use interface and real-time pricing helps minimize costs associated with shipping, overruns and waste, while significantly reducing carbon emissions associated with air freight and delivery.

“HubCast gives us consistently high quality printed materials and its Cloud Print Service is convenient and easy-to-use,” said Gabriela Becker, worldwide channel marketing manager at ScriptLogic. “Quality, service and value are the three biggest concerns for us. If this is important to you, and if you need on-demand printing and delivery to multiple locations, anywhere in the world, HubCast is the only way to go.”

Prior to HubCast, enterprises relied on printing collateral materials ahead of time, making it difficult to incorporate changes or updates. Additionally, wasted material due to an inability to forecast demand ate away at budget, as did shipping costs to send materials from the printer to where they were needed.

“With the HP-sponsored Cloud Print Trial campaign and free trial, more enterprises will be able to experience the ease of ordering, quick turnaround, speed and global reach of our Cloud Print Service,” said Tony Dolph, vice president of global marketing, HubCast. “Additionally, HubCast provides offset-quality and next-day-delivery making cloud printing an essential asset for many enterprises, saving them time and money.”

HubCast serves 135 top markets overall, using a proprietary cloud print platform that allows enterprises to upload, store and print their document files online. Documents are then routed to the nearest HP Indigo-equipped Cloud Print Service PSP site and printed on-demand. With the Cloud Print Trial program, enterprises can upload and print one of their documents for delivery anywhere in the HubCast coverage area free of charge. For trial details and registration, please visit

About HubCast
HubCast is a fully automated Cloud Print Service that provides users with the ability to print and deliver materials at premium quality, anywhere in the world, whenever they need to. With its proven global print network, HubCast ensures rapid delivery of materials at the highest industry standards to meet customers’ needs. For more information on HubCast, please visit

Source: Company press release.

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