HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press Selected by Integrity Graphics

PALO ALTO, CA—April 18, 2011—HP announced that Integrity Graphics has purchased a new HP Indigo 7500 digital press to meet growing demand for offset-quality digital printing.

Known for providing exceptional offset printing work, the Windsor, CT.-based company sought ways to upgrade its digital operation. After comparing HP Indigo 7500 print samples with output from competing devices, Integrity Graphics executives determined that the HP Indigo press offered the high quality and broad media compatibility needed to drive continued expansion in their popular custom MarketingHub program—www.eintegrity-usa.com.

Company president Joe LaValla also discovered that HP offered more than Indigo digital technology capable of matching offset press output: the company had a truly consultative approach to selling. LaValla’s interactions with HP left him confident of the support he would receive to maximize the return on his investment.

“When I first toured an HP Indigo demo center, it struck me how everyone was excited to be working for HP, which is uncommon in large companies,” said LaValla. “Later, when I had a follow-up meeting, it became clear to me that HP knows where the industry is heading, has made a commitment to the industry, and will be there to help us succeed.”

Flexible financing and accurate costing

Part of Integrity Graphics’ success with its new investment comes from HP’s ability to provide flexible, affordable financing. LaValla purchased his HP Indigo 7500 using HP Financial Services to set terms that help the company drive revenue growth while keeping ongoing operating expenses in check.

Since installing the press earlier this year, Integrity Graphics has transferred a significant volume of clients’ offset marketing collateral to more cost-effective digital printing with little to no loss in print quality. HP SmartPlanner software calculates numerous cost items in Integrity’s offset and HP Indigo digital workflows to give Integrity Graphics a detailed analog and digital print breakeven analysis. The company uses this information to print jobs on the most appropriate production device.

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