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HP, DS Graphics Hosts Event Promoting T Series Inkjet Web Press

“We’re looking at opportunities we haven’t explored in the past,” he said. “Right now, we have a foundation (of business) that pretty much pays the rent.”

The T200 is an interesting offspring borne of the digital and web press. It doesn’t involve click charges; you pay for the ink used. It provides a bonding agent for the use of commodity uncoated papers and a web inspection system that ferrets out low-density streaks in each color and bonding agent.

Printing quality exceeded expectations, and Jack McGrath, vice president of sales and marketing for DS Graphics, credits Appleton paper for helping to raise the quality bar. The T200 has been an ideal fit for DS clientele in the financial (transactional), direct mail (nonprofit) and travel spaces, to name a few. Variability to the member level is the key attribute that leverages the T200’s value.

“We are pushing this thing—full images, full bleed, full coverage,” McGrath noted. “The sensitivity on the coverage of ink is making itself known. Ink is liquid gold.”

Another one of the more critical elements is boasting a sales force that understands what the T200 and personalization can mean to a customer. “The more sophisticated your clients data is, the better this application works,” Nethercote told the audience. “You have to have someone in the (sales) organization who understands this and can relate it. We’re looking to get into the data conversation.”

Though the T200 hasn’t quite been in production for a year, DS Graphics is considering adding a T300 sometime in the near future. PI

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  • John Orrall

    Game-changing technology here at DS Graphics in Lowell! 100%-variable four color inkjet web…on coated stocks…