How to Streamline Your Workflow and Reduce Waste (Free Webinar Still Available On-Demand)

PHILADELPHIA—August 15, 2014—In the “Moving Beyond Lean to Global Optimization” Webinar presented this week by Printing Impressions and In-plant Graphics, and sponsored by EFI, Udi Arieli, senior director of product management, PrintFlow and Digital Workflows at EFI; and James Pilcher, vice president of manufacturing and general manager of Freeport Press in Freeport, OH, discussed how printers can streamline their workflows, reduce waste, and remove the constraints that impact their throughput and profits.

Moderated by In-plant Graphics Editor-in-Chief Bob Neubauer, the Webinar discussed the Theory of Global Optimization (TGO), a method of managing print manufacturing and business processes to maximize profits. Arieli pointed out how some of the “myths” of printing can have a negative impact on a business. For example, he said, “The customer comes first” way of thinking may not always work because adjustments to accommodate one client will almost always impact others, as well as a company’s overall profit performance.

“The best option is to improve performance, increase throughput and accomplish more with fewer resources,” explained Arieli. He added that automated equipment alone does not ensure profit growth and, while digital processes may be faster, they can also be harder to manage. “To maximize technological impact, optimize and synchronize all areas of production; identify and resolve weak links and constraints; and integrate, automate and employ smart software.”

Pilcher described how incorporating the TGO concept into Freeport Press’ culture has enabled his operation to keep pace with the changing climate of the printing industry. “TGO has had the biggest impact on our bottom line, and in other areas of our business, it has impacted our equipment and hiring decisions.”

The more than 300 Webinar registrants reported positive feedback. Here are just a few of the comments:

“The explanation of what TGO means, how it is related to Lean, the impact of eliminating touch points, and the “Benefits of Automation” workflow chart were beneficial.”

“Learning about the TGO concept is a new thought process that should be helpful!”

“It was good to hear from a printer using TGO.”

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