Web-to-Print Portals Lead to Profits, Efficiencies

Shown are sample pages of the user interface for EFI's Digital StoreFront.

Paradigm Digital Color Graphics relies on the EFI suite of W2P products, including Digital StoreFront and Online Print Solutions (OPS). Rosenthal is of the belief that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and the fact his company adheres to that philosophy supports the notion that each product has its own strengths. And after all, it is a platform; what a printer can build around the W2P solution is the ultimate value, Rosenthal adds.

Supply Chain Management

As Paradigm Digital Color Graphics’ business has grown, it has become more involved in mailing, fulfillment and kitting, among other services. Rosenthal believes supply chain management is one path to help expand upon the degree of work the printer does for a given client, and sees it as one of the bigger changes in recent years.

“We can tell clients that we already print 50 different items for them, but they have 300 items that they manage on a day-day basis,” Rosenthal remarks. “We can control that inventory, we can store it for them, we can ship it, and make it easy for their regional offices to order. We can help them manage their brand.”

It is also important that a system grow with the evolving needs of both the printer and its client. To that end, Rosenthal is a big fan of maintaining an interface that is fresh, robust and modern. With Flash going by the wayside, the use of HTML5 is more prevalent. Mobile-friendly systems are extremely important as more and more customers tote around their iPads or other tablet devices.

Dan Foster got in on the ground floor of W2P technology. He spent 13 years with Lincoln Printing, which was then part of the Consolidated Graphics (CGX) chain, and was introduced to it after CGX obtained Big Ink, which used a home-spun W2P solution. Thus, when Foster founded the company that would ultimately become Data Print USA in Fort Wayne, IN, he knew he wanted the firm to be all-digital, and use a W2P system that was affordable, easy to use and not restricting.

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