How Does Your Bindery Grow?

“As a high-end printer, I have to stand by my work—from design to delivery,” says Mounce. “In order to do that, I must be able to control the entire process, from start to finish. I don’t outsource much work. I do as much as I can in-house, so I can control the workflow and the quality.”

With state-of-the-art finishing equipment, Mounce is also able to meet the industry’s ever-growing “need for speed.” He says with presses running faster, the bindery has to be able to keep up.

“Investing in the bindery is a must,” Mounce contends. “It’s all about quality. You must have quality in prepress, press and bindery—all aspects of the business. If you invest in the front end, you have to keep up in the back end. You can’t afford to have the bindery botch a job.”

Opportunity Knocks
Sometimes opportunity knocks. Sometimes that knock is subtle; sometimes it knocks the door down.

The latter is the case with Accu-print, of St. Petersburg, FL, for which the soft knock of interest—in a new, high-tech bindery product—turned into a surprising financial opportunity.

“The drums are beating,” says Vice President Ron Hamburg, of the arrival of Accu-print’s new Mathias Bauerle miniature folder, which has allowed his firm to enter the pharmaceutical insert niche. “They’re announcing the news: ‘Look out! Accu-print is in the neighborhood!’ ”

That neighborhood is Florida’s West Coast, and Hamburg believes he’s the only printer in the area doing miniature folding. He says he bought the folder a year ago to add to his in-house capabilities, which consisted mostly of saddle stitching. He’s now “gleaning” through miniature folding jobs, but, he notes the machine has also brought some unexpected customers knocking at his door.

“Smaller printers are outsourcing their work to us. Several local [franchise] printers are bringing us their regular folding work. They’ll drop off fold jobs of 20,000 to 30,000. The machine offers very quick turnaround, and that’s what everyone wants these days. Plus, as a short-run color shop, it gives us other opportunities to pick up work from local printers. We’re doing a real good business with this machine.”

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