Government to GPO: Hold the Hard Copy

WASHINGTON, DC—The House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill earlier this week that puts a stop to the mandatory printing of Congressional documents, a move that is expected to save taxpayers $35 million over 10 years, several sources reported.

The House passed the bill by a 399-0 vote. The Government Printing Office (GPO) prints between 325 and 475 copies of any bill or resolution. According to, the bill would see future Congressional business disseminated to lawmakers via digital copies through the Internet.

Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY), who authored the bill, said that nearly three million paper copies of bills/resolutions were distributed to lawmakers in 2010, including 750,000 pages for the health care reform legislation alone.

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    Congressional documents for the pols will still be printed by their staff. Do you think the fat cats are going to read a 2000 page legislated bill like health care on a pc ? Doubtful unless the congressiolnal docs are only a few pages and not likely with all the earmarks attached.