Holiday Presents For Sales Leaders — DeWese

Seasons Greetings to all you readers, regardless of your persuasions! Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Christmas or nothing, we all need to experience some end-of-the-year peace and happiness.

I need a break from all of this Great American Print Sales Prospecting Contest bookkeeping. Hundreds of salespeople are out there generating new accounts and it looks like I have to break down and buy a calculator to keep up with their success. It’s not too late to get your company involved and win the fabulous prizes being offered to the top performing contestants.

The National Association of Printing Leadership, NAPL, has signed on as a sponsor and they’ve come up with some great new prizes for the four winning companies and the winning salespeople. I appreciate the NAPL’s generosity. You can read about the contest rules at the bottom of my column.

A lot of the entrants have been calling and e-mailing me for the results. I promise I will publish the frontrunners’ tallies in the January column. I’m amazed that some salespeople are earning so many new accounts in this weak economy.

There’s a lot of gift giving this time of year, so the rest of this column is my gift to you. You are gonna love this!

Holiday in the Big Apple

Sit back and get ready for a great trip. I’m flying all, yep all, you readers to New York for dinner, entertainment and awards at the Waldorf and the Plaza. Neither hotel could accommodate all my readers. Naturally, you will all be staying at the hotel where you will dine. Unfortunately, the hotels only have 288 suites, so some of you will have to stay in regular rooms.

Our Executive Chefs for dinner will be two of my favorite TV personalities, Emeril at the Waldorf and Georges Perrier at the Plaza. They have recruited the best chefs from America’s finest five-star restaurants, including some from the Four Seasons in New York and Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia. I’m picking up the tab for this feast and Emeril and Georges won’t even tell me the menu. I’ve heard them whispering about things like Japanese hand-rubbed beef at $200 per pound. Don’t worry, though; I’m so conscious of being politically correct that we’ll have beef, succulents from the sea and vegetarian menus.

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