Hess Print Solutions Expands Its Catalog Digital Editions Platform

CHICAGO—August 18, 2010—Hess Print Solutions, a provider of accountable print performance solutions for the catalog industry, introduced today an expanded Hess Digital Editions platform that helps catalogers increase revenue and maximize profitability. With powerful new capabilities such as e-commerce integration and in-depth analytics, the Hess Digital Editions platform blends user-friendly print formats with the real-time capabilities of the Web to create feature-rich online catalogs.

“Hess Digital Editions helps catalogers reach their customers wherever they are with a full-featured, web-based solution that’s accessible whenever they want,” said Bob Wheatley, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Hess Print Solutions.

Beginning with a print-ready PDF file, the Hess Digital Editions platform creates a digital version of a catalog, complete with high-resolution images and an intuitive page-turning interface that closely resembles the print edition. The Hess design team can help clients customize their digital catalogs with embedded video and audio, banner advertisements, background images and expanded content. Multiple versions can be created to appeal to specific target audiences.

Clients can choose to add several advanced features to enhance the functionality and increase monetization of their digital catalogs:

• Shopping Cart Functionality — Integrated links to shopping cart and order processing platforms can turn digital catalogs into an interactive e-commerce environment

• SEO Capabilities — As a browser-based solution, the Hess Digital Editions platform allows digital catalogs to include full search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities

• Comprehensive Data Analytics — Catalogers can take advantage of a full data analytics suite to track the performance of each item and maximize revenues by optimizing the content of future catalogs

• Complete Web Hosting Solutions — Hess Digital Editions offers complete shopping cart and web hosting solutions, allowing all clients – even those without an existing e-commerce or data analytics platform – to deliver full-featured digital catalogs to their customers and prospects

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