Hennegan Co.–The Art of Print Control

Again, nice job.

So, how does this fourth-generation family operation compete for new work—and craft beyond merely nice jobs—in this age of industry consolidation and cutting-edge digital technology?

Mike Fleury, director of prepress at Hennegan, emphasizes two of Hennegan’s great strengths: the ability to seize opportunity and the commitment to turn opportunity into success.

“Very few companies have an opportunity to rebuild and develop in existing, key areas,” Fleury states. “The Hennegan Company has done just that, however, by stepping out and taking the gigantic leap into the future by embracing digital prepress, by researching technologies to help alleviate workflow bottlenecks and productivity issues, by identifying the high demands and projected expectations of our customers—and by making sure we have the right technological solutions in place to meet future requirements.”

A major technological focus for Hennegan: CTP. The Hennegan philosophy: Attack CTP technology and comparable digital prepress technologies and employ new technologies to control the destiny of print.

“Naturally, we want to be consistent. We want to continue to grow as a company, technologically—CTP is an obvious avenue for growth,” Fleury reports.

Hennegan is impressive.

The prepress department includes five SGI Indigo 2 Impact BG-2570LC workstations, one SGI Octane BG-2502L workstation, 15 Macintosh production workstations, two BARCO Graphics imagesetters (Megasetter Plus and BG-3800), two Heidelberg/Creo 3244 Trendsetter thermal CTP devices, two Kodak Digital Approval XP4 color proofing devices from Kodak Polychrome Graphics, plus two additional Kodak DCP-9000 dye-sublimation digital printers. Hennegan’s prepress department also features scanning systems by Heidelberg Prepress, a Digital Storage Works 500GB RAID server and, last, but not least, digital connectivity via WAM!NET’s secure, managed network and the Internet.

Into the Pressroom
In the pressroom, Hennegan is primarily a Heidelberg shop, operating five 40˝ presses, two eight-color and three six-color machines, including two eight-color Heidelberg Speedmaster CDs with coating towers equipped with CIP3 electronic prepress interfaces and a five-color, 60˝ Harris press, which allows Hennegan to support high-quality oversized work for retail and POP applications. Hennegan prints on a variety of substrates, from 0.002˝ to 0.028˝.

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