Exclusive: Kiessling on Heidelberg’s Dedicated Services

Marcel Kiessling, member of the management board responsible for Heidelberg Services.

Equally important is to be lean in terms of material consumption—to bring material consumption down to the lowest possible level to optimize processes throughout the operation, not only in production but also in administration. Having the right sales and marketing strategy is clearly an important success factor, as well. So is having qualified employees. All together, these factors define success for a print shop. And we want to support printers by addressing all of those success factors in the right way.

Besides the technology, equipment and technical services…we have defined a new category of services called Performance Services, where we address all of those other criteria. Together—Technical Services and Performance Services—comprise the new Heidelberg Service division and the various offerings coming out of that.

PI: Talk a little bit about what each of those services are and how they differ.

Kiessling: Technical Services are the Systemservice offerings we have today, which basically covers four different areas. You have the technical service; somebody has an issue, and the service technician goes there and fixes the problem. We have our service contracts, our Systemservice36plus offering, all the partner programs. Number three is all of our remote services, where we believe we have a very strong and powerful backbone. Number four is the spare parts availability around the world within a given time window. Those four areas make up Technical Services, and we believe we are well-positioned there. We have more than 4,000 service technicians in the field worldwide, so we have the biggest service organization in the industry. The remote service backbone we’re using is Web-based, so we feel we have a very strong platform there to base our remote services. On the parts side, we have facilities worldwide to assure spare parts availability the very next day.

Although we believe that we are already working at a very high level, we have to strive for continuous improvement. We believe that, for the success of a print shop, it won’t be sufficient in the long-term to provide them with the best technology and to make sure that the technology is running. We plan to focus more and more on these Performance Services in the future. Performance Services address everything that helps to improve the overall performance of a print shop, in a very broad sense. So not only the production area or the printing area, but in a very broad sense.

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