Heidelberg Will Preview New Web-to-Print Solution at GRAPH EXPO

• Gang automation that enables positioning of different-sided jobs on the plate for sheet optimization and pressroom efficiency.

Each of these unique Web-to-Print features adds to an ever-growing list of advantages offered by Heidelberg’s tightly integrated and automated print shop workflow.

Automation Is the Key to Profitability
Production automation is a key investment area printers can employ to produce a profit, even in today’s harsh economic environment. When production is automated, many of the tasks previously handled by operators are eliminated and error-free. Computerized communication takes place between devices, saving time and labor.

Heidelberg’s Prinect workflow is a completely automated production system that has integrated the traditionally separate areas of management, prepress, press and finishing into a single system. Prinect has the ability to integrate all kinds of output devices—including proofers, platesetters/imagesetters, and both offset and digital presses, including superwide inkjet presses—into a single workflow. And all can be color-managed so the entire print campaign maintains the same look and feel. In short, Prinect integrates and optimizes the performance of your print shop and helps you achieve greater profit margins.

Source: Heidelberg.

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