Heidelberg Systemservice to Present Integrated Portfolio at GRAPH EXPO 2012

KENNESAW, GA—September 28, 2012—For GRAPH EXPO 2012, Heidelberg Systemservice will emphasize an integrated portfolio of technologies and services designed to provide printers with stable production, maximum availability, and all-around optimum performance.

Unscheduled downtime, underutilized capacity, and substandard quality are at the top of the list of undesirables for busy printers. Left unaddressed, these factors can negatively affect a printer’s reputation, profitability, and the resale value of equipment, as well as compromise his long-term success. For these reasons, Heidelberg Systemservice focuses on helping printers improve the overall efficiency of their businesses with a portfolio extending well beyond technical services and consumables to productivity, process optimization, and business and employee development.

New Additions to Systemservice Portfolio
Visitors to the Systemservice area of booth 1214 will take special note of Remote Monitoring, the latest innovation in Heidelberg’s Remote Service portfolio, which also includes Remote Diagnostics and Web-based eCall emergency notification. In contrast to these customer-initiated services that kick in after a problem arises, Remote Monitoring provides for early detection of machine system failures before problems occur, based on continuous data capture from the press via Internet and subsequent analysis by Heidelberg Systemservice experts. Benefits include a more predictable production schedule and reduced downtime.

Heidelberg Systemservice also recognizes that traditional service agreements may not always fit the needs of every printer. For printers in this category, Heidelberg offers Flexibleservice, a custom-designed service program tailored to the user’s business goals and budget. The program takes into account the age, model, and utilization of equipment, defines the service elements required (maintenance, phone support, online assistance, etc.), and determines pricing based on the printer’s service history. For printers with a mix of new and old equipment, a hybrid option can be exercised, for example, by combining Heidelberg’s Full-Service Partner Program for newer presses with the flexible option for older models.

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