Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 Proves Its Mettle in Tough Times

KENNESAW, GA—March 30, 2009—In the midst of an extended economic downturn, longtime owners of Heidelberg’s peak-performance Speedmaster XL 105 can point to the real-world benefits of access to the fastest speeds and highest level of automation available in sheetfed offset printing.

Embrace the Label, Exceed Expectations
“Like it or not, clients interpret the products we supply as commodities,” said Jack McGrath, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DS Graphics, Lowell, Mass., which installed a 10-color Speedmaster XL 105 perfector with Inpress Control last October. “That scenario is complicated by the need to provide the same quality faster, less expensively and with greater efficiency, all while demonstrating a sensitivity to environmental concerns. It’s a tall order for any printer, but fortunately one that the Speedmaster XL 105 perfector is uniquely equipped to address.”

According to McGrath, Heidelberg took the quality issue “much, much deeper” by rethinking the way sheets are turned in the perfecting unit. “Heidelberg engineers came up with a football-shaped turning unit that doesn’t stress the sheet on the turning edge,” he said. “As a result, we don’t have to slow down the press to perfect. It’s an engineer’s dream, compared with conventional turning systems.” Moreover, the XL 105’s ability to prepare both sides of the sheet simultaneously cuts makeready to around 400 sheets, reducing makeready waste by 300 to 400 percent, and “enabling us to pass on those savings to our customers.” Finally, integrated Prinect Inpress Control locks in specifications for color, measuring process colors, spot colors and register in the print control strip. Corrections are automatically forwarded directly to the Prinect Press Center for adjustment, eliminating any need to stop the press for makeready or monitoring of the production run and delivering maximum productivity.

The net effect of enhancements like these? “From a business ownership perspective, my customers are in business to make money, just as I am,” McGrath said. “Thanks to our XL 105 perfector, we now embody value for our customers on four levels: efficiency, shorter time to market, reduced waste and lower costs. Clients understand the value because they can see the savings, and I can make more money in the process. If you’re going to be a commodity, you’d better be the best at what you do.”

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