Heidelberg Offers Saphira Eco Product Line for Eco-Friendly Consumables

HEIDELBERG, GERMANY—March 29, 2011—Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is adding the Saphira Eco line to its portfolio of high-quality consumables. These new products have been tested extensively to ensure their environmental compatibility. The range, which Heidelberg will continue to expand, covers the entire value added chain from prepress and press to postpress. It also meets the strictest industry standards and statutory requirements, even surpassing them in some cases. The first Saphira Eco products will include CtP plates, inks, coatings, adhesives, and washup and dampening solutions.

Saphira Eco consumables enable print shops to meet the requirements of international and regional environmental certification programs such as Nordic Swan, the European EcoLabel, and the Austrian environmental label.

Saphira Eco products conserve resources, enable stable production, and ensure fewer emissions such as volatile organic compounds and ammonia.

Strictest criteria for verifying the environmental compatibility of consumables in the print media industry
To ensure transparent and fact-based labeling of particularly eco-friendly consumables, Heidelberg has committed itself to meeting a catalog of criteria geared toward the principles of “substitution”, “reduction”, and “offsetting”. The criteria, which are being continuously monitored and developed, can be accessed online at www.heidelberg.com/saphira-eco. Although various environmental labels already exist in the print media industry, none of these take into account all the environmental criteria relevant for consumables. From these labels, Heidelberg has adopted the criteria that are key for consumables and used the strictest standards to do so. The result is the Saphira Eco product line, which is based on the most comprehensive and toughest criteria for consumables in the print media industry.

Systematic environmental protection – substitution, reduction, and offsetting
The extensive product line of Saphira Eco consumables is based on three key principles:

• Substitution: Wherever possible, mineral and synthetic components are replaced with renewable resources in Saphira Eco consumables.

• Reduction: The possible environmental impact of components in consumables that cannot yet be replaced is dramatically reduced thanks to the introduction of strict limits.

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